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Here's to hoping what we get in 'Resident Evil Village'

The anticipated "Resident Evil Village" will finally be released on Friday. After rumors, a delay, and a couple of showcases, fans will be able to shoot up vampires, werewolves, and anything else Umbrella throws at them.

The eighth installment of the main Resident Evil series will see the return of Ethan Winters as the main character. Winters was also the main character in the last installment, making him the first character in the series to appear back to back.

In Village, players will follow Winters into a small village in Eastern Europe searching for his kidnapped daughter Rose. Throughout his journey, players will venture a castle, a mill, mine, and other locations while facing werewolves, monsters, a 9-foot-6 vampire named Lady Dimitrescu, who's become an internet sensation, and other monsters before reaching the mysterious Mother Miranda, who is the main person of interest of Rose's disappearance.

After watching two showcases, and numerous demos and videos on YouTube, reading on updates on the game, and discussing on the Social Nerds podcast what has been shown so far, here's hoping what we get in Village:

Replay value for main story campaign

A game that is so detailed and what it seems like it'll be a pretty long game, Village needs to give players a reason to play through the main story campaign again. Whether it be unlocking an unlimited rocket launcher or new costumes or multiple endings, this game needs to give players reasons to replay the game throughout the summer and maybe until the next Resident Evil game.

Plentiful of unlockables

Piggybacking from the first point, in order for the game to have longevity there needs to be plentiful of unlockables. These unlockables are not only achieved by beating the game or beating the game by a certain time. Players will need to unlock other features, accessories, and weapons by achieving certain metrics by playing all modes and mini games. Also, finding other things here and there throughout different modes to unlock other things.

Surprise canon characters we love

We all know Chris Redfield will be in this game but this will be the first Resident Evil even numbered game in the series that will not feature Leon Kennedy. However, will we see him at the end of the game like we did for Chris at the end of RE7? What about other canon characters we haven't seen in the main series in a while such as Jill Valentine or Claire Redfield? Or will we finally see the return of Rebecca Chambers or Billy Coen? Bringing back a canon character besides Chris in this one would be a plus for the fans of the series.

For more insights and predictions on "Resident Evil: Village", check out the newest episode of the Social Nerds podcast.

What are you hoping for in this Resident Evil?

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