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Cool find: Pokémon Center x RockLove's Dragonair bracelet

Here's what comes with the Dragonair Bracelet from the Pokémon Center (Photo by Eduardo Gonzalez)

I am not a big jewelry person, but have been searching for a new bracelet for quite some time after one out of the three I wear on my left wrist broke, and to my surprise I get an email from the Pokékmon Center that caught my eye and got me excited.

Added to the Pokémon Center x RockLove jewelry collection is the Dragonair Bracelet. For $85, you can have this mystical Pokémon wrapped around your wrist or ankle, depending on your preference.

The bracelet is available in two sizes, 17 and 19 (although at the time of this writing the size 17 is already sold out), and made out of durable brass plated in polished silver. It features hand-enameled eyes and blue crystal orbs at the Pokémon's head and tail. A custom hinged clasp secures the look.

The size 17 is about 6.7 inches long while the size 19 is about 7.8 inches long.

I got a size 19 because my wrist measured around is about 7.5 inches and it fits perfectly. Not too tight or lose. Gives my wrist breathing room.

The Dragonair Bracelet fits perfectly on my wrist. This is a size 19 (7.8 inches) and my wrist is around 7.5 inches (Photo by Eduardo Gonzalez)

When you buy the bracelet or any other jewelry from the collection, it comes with a travel pouch and box for easy traveling and displaying.

According to the store's website, the bracelet is mainly for adult use only.

I was pretty ecstatic when I got the email because Dratini and its evolution stages are one of my favorite Pokémon. So, it was a no brainer and an impulsive buy when I saw it.

I've been wearing this awesome bracelet for a couple days already and have gotten many compliments on social media and in person.

Still debating if I should wear it with all my other bracelets on my left wrist or give it its own wrist on my right. Which wrist should I wear it on?

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