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Here are the best Nike WNBA 2021 Uniform Editions

The WNBA will be celebrating its 25th season this summer. The league since then has expanded from eights teams in 1997 to now 12 going into 2021.

To celebrate this special season, the league has released a special logo to commemorate the season and now has revealed new uniforms in collaboration with Nike called the Explorer and Rebel Editions.

Each team in the league will get these special uniforms in which tell the story of each team's city. However, here are the best five that should be added in any jersey collector's closet:

Chicago Sky

The Sky's Explorer Edition jerseys feature the city's blocks on a 10x10 pinstripe grid and 5-on-5 for the number of players on the court.

The Rebel Edition jerseys include shattered lines and a cool hue blue that illustrates Chi-town as the Windy City. Doesn't it give you Frozen vibes though?

Indiana Fever

According to Nike, the Fever's Explorer Edition was inspired by Lady Victory. The uniform has sash-like patterns on the side along with 19 stars which represent the state being the 19th member of the Union.

Now this one is my favorite out of the bunch and will probably have to add it to my jersey collection. All "Stranger Things" fans will recognize this one. The Rebel Edition uses the color, font, and design of the hit Netflix series which takes place in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana.

Las Vegas Aces

And the winner of the freshest uniforms goes to the Aces. The Explorer Edition uses diamond details across the uniform's front and back with opulent gold trim.

The Rebel Edition definitely gives it the Vegas feel. The uniform has gold lettering and lines, and diamond pattern on the bottom front and back.

Los Angeles Sparks

The Sparks' Explorer Edition describes what Southern California is. The palm tree stands out right on the front and the gold lettering pays homage to the desert climate and sunny weather.

The Rebel Edition coveys the Hollywood and City of Angels of feel. The black coloring with the yellow stripes and stars embraces what the city is.

Phoenix Mercury

The Mercury's Explorer Edition gives off classic Phoenix Suns vibes. However, the uniform utilizes orange, purple, and a mixture of both to give off an Arizona desert sunshine.

The Rebel Edition pays tribute to the fanbase. The uniform uses sharp lettering and white color detail across the front and back with an emphasis on the "X" in "PHX" to pay homage to the passionate fans which are called the "X-Factor".


Here are the rest of the Explorer and Rebel Editions for the other WNBA teams that will make debuts this season.

Which Explorer and Rebel uniforms are your favorites?

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